KOELIS Prostate Cartography, the key tool for treatment planning


Thanks to its high-detailed information, easy to record and retrieve at any time, KOELIS 3D Prostate Mapping is increasingly used for planning targeted treatment and quality control. The use of Trinity® cartography for performing HIFU treatment with Focal One is proof of that.

As unveiled in the video session introduced by Doctor Eric Potiron, from Clinique Urologique Nantes Atlantis in Saint-Herblain, during the EAU Congress in London last March, the combination of multiparametric MRI sequences imported from Trinity® cartographer with ultrasound prostatic biopsies allows to target tumor areas to be treated with the highest confidence and accuracy.

For treatment planning, localization of lesions, 3D positive and negative biopsy cores, identification of suspicious targets as well as other valuable information can be fused with live ultrasound through elastic fusion. Different cartographies and information are easily imported and fused in order to review the zone during HIFU treatment in real time, assure the less invasion and modify instantly the treated area if necessary.

KOELIS 3D mapping is also essential for Focal One therapy control. The new Focal One contrast enhanced ultrasound acquisition can be fused with the previous KOELIS cartography to monitor the zone and verify targets have been successfully treated.