The perfect assistant that improves daily clinical routine


The KOELIS compact and light probe holder Steady Pro® assists the physician in the performance of effortless but optimal targeted biopsies and treatments. Especially developed for improving the current work environment and reducing urologists’ everyday problems such as movement restrictions or discomfort, Steady Pro® helps to reach and maintain the most convenient position of the probe to make an maximized target approach.

Modern and light design easy to use

With its simple and ergonomic shape, Steady Pro® can be easily integrated in the clinical routine for improving the performance of every procedure.

Freedom of movement for total convenience

Steady Pro® lets the clinician manipulate the KOELIS probe and reach a specific position with no limits. Thanks to its 6 degrees of freedom for arm placement and 3 degrees for probe positioning, the target is easily reached no matter its location.

Higher precision and comfort

Easily attached to the hospital bed, the probe holder enables the physician to smoothly achieve the desired location for every prostate care purpose. Once the ideal position is attained, it is secured by locking Steady Pro® to guarantee the biopsy or intervention is successfully performed.

Two different extensions to answer your needs

The probe holder can be used in every work space adapting to equipment’s features. Two separate wings in U and I shape are available for easy adjustment to patient position and bed size.

Adapted to both transrectal  and transperineal approaches



For use in prostate biopsy or targeted treatment, Steady Pro® optimizes transperineal and transrectal practices. Easily cleaned or sterilized, the new probe holder has an adaptor compatible with different KOELIS probes to satisfy physician’s needs.

Transrectal support

Compatible with KOELIS 3D US end-fire probe


X= + 13° – 55°
Y = 360°
Z= +/- 50

Transperineal support

Compatible with KOELIS 3D US side-fire probe


X= +/- 6°
Y = +/- 80°
Z= +/- 30°