The link between Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Urology

Mr-Draw® is the KOELIS standalone workstation specifically designed to improve precision and lesion staging in order to provide the best prostate care management while preserving workflow. On a 23-inch touchscreen, physicians can contour and define the position of lesions within a 3D prostate model before sending the images to the urologist, who will then be able to perform a true targeted biopsy.
This tool guarantees cases are processed quickly and efficiently, thanks to improved and more consistent communication between both specialists, even at remote sites, creating a synergy that promotes better prostate cancer detection and management.

An advanced visualization for enhanced diagnostic confidence

Fully integrated multi-modality image fusion (T2/Diff/PET/CT…) simplifies the image evaluation process and improves patient care. This feature provides high quality images and excellent definition of tissue, enabling confident decision making even in challenging diagnostic cases.

Mr-Draw® allows for the superimposing of two imaging modalities offering physiologic and functional information combined, while matching anatomical points, so targets are displayed with the highest accuracy. Clinicians can transfer contours from one image to another, as well as configure transparency to support diagnosis’ needs.


Choosing among multiple color options accentuates lesions and provides users better overall visualization.

Color, luminance and contrast can be easily adjusted with just a click, according to the physician’s preference. KOELIS-optimized settings guarantee the best visualization of suspicious areas.

Accurate contour  and target definition

For planning the best prostate cancer strategy, target lesions and prostate contours can now be easily defined on different image modalities directly through the Mr-Draw® workstation. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface improves workflow and saves time, enabling specialists to mark lesions and risk zones effortlessly on the multiparametric images. These information-rich images are directly transferred to the PACS or an external support. The urologist is then ready for the targeted biopsy session after retrieving and editing the whole package of contours, targets and images.

Flexible layout management

Users can display and organize different planes according to their own viewing preferences, having a clearer and extended view of the prostate and lesions.

An optimized workflow

Urology, radiology and nuclear medicine  can now work more efficiently and accurately. From Mr-Draw®, patient images are immediately received from the PACS with a simple gesture. This new feature guarantees improved and more consistent communication between specialists, even in remote sites, creating a synergy that promotes better prostate cancer detection and management.