KOELIS Trinity®

MRI-Ultrasound Image-Guided Prostate Biopsy

KOELIS Trinity® a precise and versatile fusion biopsy system in the USA

Prostate cancer care relies, on the accuracy and reliability of diagnosis, but today traditional prostate biopsy is performed via simple ultrasound,  a blind procedure that can result in under or over treatment.

At Koelis we decided to see beyond biopsy by offering an all-in-one solution providing accuracy and reliability at every step of the prostate cancer journey from biopsy and active surveillance to treatment and follow-up.


Compact all-in-one system made to fit your clinic

Freehand, user friendly and with minimal instrumentation KOELIS Trinity® effectively incorporates into any clinical practice.

Transperineal | Transrectal | Local Anesthesia


Accurate diagnosis made by 3D technologies

Clinical accuracy is at the heart of our technology. Our 3D transducers combined with exclusive OBT Fusion® technology detects the slightest patient movement and prostate deformation for an accurate guidance and recording of the procedure.


Intuitive interface made to focus on the essentials

KOELIS Trinity® innovative and intuitive interface elevates fusion biopsy to new levels of productivity by making exams faster, accurate and reliable.

The Koelis Trinity® is designed to facilitate a range of urologic procedures including:

  • Transrectal and Transperineal prostate biopsies, with or without MRI. Automatic adjustment to prostate motion (OBT Fusion®. No external sensor) to ensure fusion accuracy.
  • Accurate volumetric mapping or cartography which enables & facilitates follow up Biopsies, Active Surveillance and treatment decisions.
  • Diagnostic abdominal and small parts ultrasound
  • Rectal spacer injections
  • Focal therapy guidance for the treatment of prostate cancer using Cryotherapy or HiFU.

Koelis Trinity® the only system equipped with Organ-Based Tracking Fusion® technology

Watch this video to learn everything about OBT Fusion® technology

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