KOELIS receives the Bref Eco award for the MIRAS project

KOELIS awarded Lab Meeting Prize

Last 20th November, KOELIS received the Lab Meeting Prize for the MIRAS project, launched by Minalogic, the global innovation cluster for digital technologies in Auvergne-Rhone Alpes. The 13th Edition of the Bref Eco contest awarded 7 innovative projects among more than 70 that were presented. The MIRAS (Multi-Image & Robot Assisted Surgery) project is based on a single platform that allows for new minimally invasive methods of biopsy leading to safer and more precise diagnosis and focal treatment of prostate cancer. According to KOELIS CEO and founder Antoine Leroy, “this project, with the support of Grenoble institutions, has allowed KOELIS to develop new robotic solutions and to conduct the first clinical pilot study of prostate cancer targeted treatment in Paris”.
“KOELIS has proved worldwide that its image fusion technology provides the precision needed for true quality control and this, in turn, is needed for improving treatment and make it adapted to each patient. Personalized answers include from active surveillance, addressing to patients with less aggressive lesions, to radical treatment for risk cases. Between them, there is KOELIS’ proposal: targeted treatment of the index lesion. For this solution, it is necessary reliable patient selection, precise navigation and a thin treatment needle”, explained Antoine Leroy when he collected the prize. When he was asked about why are critics about current treatments he explained: “In France, among the 70,000 new cases of prostate cancer detected, we consider that ¾ are localized tumors. Thanks to prostate mapping, these patients can receive a more personalized answer with two objectives: to treat the cancerous lesion but also to preserve their quality of life. Now that the French Urology Association recommends the use of MRI and targeted biopsies for diagnosis, it is time to invest in targeted, patient-tailored treatment too”.