The KOELIS 3D Cartography

KOELIS, the prostate care company, based on the value of 3D imaging and unique patient-tailored cartography, proposes new concepts and guidelines in prostate care management. In a simple process and device, KOELIS provides physicians a new powerful diagnostic tool to plan, implement, review and control a personalized prostate care solution. Benefiting from new ways to see, to target and to record thanks to guided fusion biopsy, clinicians will have a disease’s extended field of view guaranteeing quality control and patient compliance.

KOELIS Cartography is a multiparametric 3D information map that includes a wide range of inputs from different complementary material: mp-MRI, PET, PI-RADS scores, Second Look revisiting, framing biopsy schemes, pathology and epigenetics. This high-detailed prostate map not only opens new horizons preventing patient from overdiagnosis and overtreatment, but also encourages communication between medical departments and remote sites in order to guarantee the best prostate care.

Integrating every information from different disciplines including pathology, radiology and epigenetics, KOELIS Cartography equips the physician to plan a prostate care approach with the highest confidence in: Guided targeted interventions ; Follow-up procedures ; Active surveillance ; Reconsidering new treatment strategies.

A Complete Clinical Profile at a Glance


Histopathological data confirming the presence or absence of lesion and the grading or measurement of disease progression is easily registered in the cartography. Different biopsy methods are clearly highlighted and differentiated for multiple purposes: standard biopsies covering the whole prostate for lesion detection, targeted biopsies to remove samples of suspicious tissue, 2nd look biopsies for targeting previously sampled areas, field biopsies for approaching new areas having never been sampled or framing biopsies to evaluate tumor extension. Displayed on the map, cores’ color changes once their Gleason score is added showing in a glance if malignancy is found


Fully integrated multi-modality image fusion provides high quality images and excellent definition of tissue, enabling to detect, monitor and characterize lesions accurately. Different MRI modalities including T2 or Diffusion or newer imaging in prostate cancer such as PET and CT can be imported and fused for precise target definition and contouring. These results are easily displayed and highlighted on the KOELIS Cartography offering a comprehensive diagnosis.


Aspects of chromatin and chromosome biology offered by epigenetics data can be inserted in the molecular map, as well for additional prostate information. This valuable data unveils the potential evolution of the lesion and leads to a better understanding of cancer. A clinical profile helps physician to choose the most accurate therapy, from active surveillance to targeted treatment.


The advanced visualization offered by the KOELIS Cartography enhances diagnostic confidence for an optimized therapy plan and brings new prostate care approaches. Retrievable and editable at any time, this map represents a complete and updated clinical profile covering every step of the prostate care management, from the first biopsy to potential therapy implementation and future targeted interventions. This clinical tracking in a one and only cartography ensures an efficient and personalized prostate care.

As a multi-speciality tool, KOELIS cartography is the basis for every prostate cancer management decision. The high-detailed prostate map guarantees patient compliance, traceability and quality control at every step of the process, leading to efficient patient-focused and tailored solutions.