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KOELIS TRINITY™ : Transperineal Biopsy

KOELIS TRINITY™ :Full Grid Transperineal biopsy

KOELIS TRINITY™ : Transrectal Biopsy

KOELIS TRINITY™ Presentation By Dr. Olivares, Clínica Santa María, Santiago de Chile, Chile. 2016 

Transperineal Targeted Prostate Biopsy under Local Anesthesia (MRI/US Fusion)

Transrectal Workflow by Dr. Peltier, Institut Bordet, Belgium 2017

Customer Videos

HIFU Treatment with KOELIS 3D Mapping by Dr Potiron, Clinique Urologique Nantes Atlantis France. 2017

MRI Controled Target Fusion Biopsy with KOELIS, by Dr Potiron, Clinique Urologique Nantes Atlantis France. 2017

MRI Ultrasound fusion guided prostate biopsy with transperineal approach – Siriraj Hospital – Thailand

Fusion Imaging Guided Prostate Biopsy – SIU Medicine – Chicago – USA

Dr. San Francisco’ experience with KOELIS TRINITY™ – Red de Salud UC CHRISTUS – Chile 2018

Fusion Prostate Biopsy explained by Dr. Messas for Patients (French language)