KOELIS is in the top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Providers 2018!

“Health innovation as a passion” – These are the words that better represents our commitment and passion

KOELIS, our mission is to provide clinicians with quality control at every step of the prostate cancer management. We are constantly innovating to bring the most personalized, targeted and economy-driven solutions and less-invasive interventional approaches that would preserve patient’s quality of life. Our work and engagement led us to be in the top 10 Medical Imaging Solution providers 2018 of HealthcareTech magazine. KOELIS and another 9 companies were chosen because we all impact the current medical imaging industry offering better solutions.

“We revolutionized the image fusion technology by introducing the concept of targeted biopsy and treatment of prostate cancer that focuses on the importance of precision and personalization for each individual patient” – Antoine Leroy, KOELIS’ CEO