KOELIS receives the World Innovation Contest Prize for KATTY

Last week, KOELIS received the award of the Concours Mondial de l’Innovation Phase 2 from Anne Lauvergeon, President of the Commission innovation 2030, Nicolas Dufourcq, General Director of Bpifrance, and Guillaume Boudy, General Secretary of SGPI. Antoine Leroy, KOELIS President and Founder collected the prize in the “Personalized Medicine” category for the Prostate Targeted Treatment program KATTY.

The ambitious project has been backed by BPI France. In the frame of the World Innovation Contest launched by the French public bank, KOELIS has been awarded with a 2 million euros prize for the launch of a multi-centric study for achieving a new treatment approach for prostate cancer that is personalized, safe, fast, predictable, repeatable and inexpensive to target the apex lesion.