Experience the difference for Prostate Biopsy

Prostate cancer care relies on the accuracy of diagnosis.

At KOELIS® we decided to see beyond biopsy by offering an all-in one solution providing accuracy at every step of the prostate cancer journey from biopsy and active surveillance to treatment and follow-up.

Compact all-in-one system made to fit your clinic

Mobile, ultrasound system integrated, and without any extra instrumentation, KOELIS Trinity® effectively incorporates into any clinical practice.

Accurate diagnosis made by 3D technologies

Clinical accuracy is at the heart of our technology.Our 3D transducers combined with exclusive OBT Fusion® technology detects the slightest patient movement and prostate deformation for an accurate guidance and recording of the procedure.

Intuitive interface made to focus on the essentials

KOELIS Trinity® innovative and intuitive interface elevates fusion biopsy to new levels of productivity by making exams faster.

Simplicity with Every Step

Easily integrated to current clinical workflow, thanks to exclusive technology and step by step guided workflow, interventions are simple and short


MRI preparation

Suspicious lesion are easily defined and contoured on KOELIS Trinity® or a dedicated software.
Once completed MRI will be fused with 3D ultrasound image thanks to elastic fusion.


Biopsy guidance

OBT Fusion® technology allows visualization of core location before sampling as well as accurate recording of core location after sampling.


3D cartography

All informations are recorded in a patient specific 3D map,
ready to be completed with histopathology results and
post- intervention MRI.


Re-biopsy & Treatment

KOELIS Trinity® brings quality control to active surveillance and treatments. Fusion of previous exam on the same 3D cartgoraphy allows repeat biopsy in prior sampled areas or treated regions and if you need it additional post procedure MRI.

Trusted by Experts for Clinical Excellence

KOELIS® technology is validated by more than 80 publications. Over 350,000 men have received a better standard of prostate diagnosis thanks to leading physicians at more than 300 hospitals who routinely use our technologies.

Dr Abreu,

USC Norris Cancer Center, USA

” The organ and needle tracking system is unique. It provides tracking the reality of the prostate and the needle, therefore showing the actual trajectory of the needle targeting. Also, the free-hands capability provides all possible degrees of freedom which is important for targeting any location in the prostate: anterior targets, extreme apex, extreme base, SV, lateral, medial, etc…”

Dr Trinh,

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA

“KOELIS Trinity® is the only platform that combines ease of use, accuracy and ergonomics. Other platforms may meet one or two of these important aspects, but none can match the KOELIS platform on all three fronts. “

Dr Kamoi,

University Hospital, Kyoto, Japan

” In three years’ time with KOELIS Trinity™ we have doubled our MR activity and have achieved high cancer detection rates, while decreasing the number of unnecessary biopsies and consequently the overall cost of Prostate Cancer diagnosis in our facility.”

Dr Olivares,

Clinica Santa Maria, Santiago, Chile

” I performed the first Transperineal template fusion biopsy using KOELIS Trinity™ with the recent release of an updated grid. The new grid is very easy to attach to the probe, and is useful to avoid movements and the possibility of get lost of the exact location of the needdle tip. The software gives you…”

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