PRECISION Clinical Study confirms Targeted Biopsy combined with Medical Imaging Improves Accuracy and Efficiency of Diagnosis

Results of the PRECISION international clinical trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine confirm KOELIS’ approach

KOELIS announces its contribution to the PRECISION* scientific study, which aims to assess the benefits of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for the diagnosis of prostate cancer, headed by the University College of London. The results of the trial were published on 19 March 2018 in the New England Journal of Medicine, a key international scientific review for medical information. Of the 23 clinical centres involved in the international trial, 6 use KOELIS’ image fusion technology**. The results of PRECISION confirm the importance of including medical imaging in targeted biopsies to obtain an accurate and effective prostate cancer diagnosis.
Presented at the 2018 congress of the European Association of Urology (EAU 2018) in Copenhagen, the world’s leading urology congress, the PRECISION clinical trial concerned 500 male patients susceptible to present prostate cancer lesions. The patients were examined either by “blind” biopsy (without MRI) using transrectal ultrasound or by targeted biopsy but only if the MRI revealed an anomaly.

Results of the PRECISION trial show:
– Significant improvement (+50%) in the accuracy and effectiveness of prostate cancer diagnosis when the MRI is used in conjunction with targeted biopsy;
– 28% reduction in prostate biopsies operations in patients presenting benign cancerous lesions. Instead of being examined by biopsy, those patients were then placed under active monitoring.

“The results of the PRECISION trial are of immense value as they show with the highest level of scientific proof the importance of using medical imaging for accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer,” comments Professor Franck Bladou, head of urology at the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal, Canada) and investigator for the PRECISION trial. “The combination of MRI with targeted biopsy should now be very quickly included in international healthcare recommendations, not only to optimise the accuracy and effectiveness of diagnosis but also to limit the risks of over-treating patients presenting smaller and less aggressive lesions.”

KOELIS: cutting-edge technology for the location, diagnosis and eventually treatment of prostate cancer
Used within the framework of the PRECISON trial, the patented imaging platform developed by KOELIS makes it possible to visualize, locate and accurately target tumours within the prostate. The Trinity® system acts as a cartographer of the prostate, showing in real time and in 3D the prostate, suspected lesions detected by the MRI and the location of targeted biopsy samples. Information generated by examining the patient is then saved in a personalised file that can be superimposed on the MRI image for each examination in order to track the development of the pathology.

Present worldwide and with a corpus of over 50 scientific clinical publications attesting to the added value of its technology, KOELIS offers urologists an accurate diagnosis tool and is now aiming to develop a targeted and effective treatment for the most aggressive cancerous lesions.

“We are very proud to have contributed to the PRECISION trial, the results of which pave the way for standardised use of MRI for diagnosing prostate cancer. It is now essential to put patients’ quality of life first by offering them the most accurate and effective option possible”, concludes Antoine Leroy, Chairman and Founder of KOELIS. “The next step in tackling prostate cancer consists of treating the most aggressive cancerous lesions locally. Based on its strong experience in targeted diagnosis of prostate cancer, KOELIS now intends to step up its research efforts to offer urologists as soon as possible a technology combining accurate diagnosis with effective and secure localised medical treatment.”

KOELIS will attend the Prostate Cancer Awareness Day in Boston (United States) on 12 April 2018, where it will present the Trinity® system and its prostate cartography technology. The company will also be present at the American Urological Association’s 2018 congress (AUA2018), the world’s second-largest urology event, from 18 to 21 May in San Francisco (United States).

*Prostate Evaluation for Clinically Important disease: Sampling Using Image-guidance Or Not?

**La Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy), Oulu University Hospital (Finland), the Martini Klinik (Germany), Erasmus University Medical Center (the Netherlands), the Jewish General Hospital (Canada) and Les Hospices Civils de Lyon (France)