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Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. In fact, about 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with this disease during his lifetime.


Accuracy in prostate care

KOELIS®, international leader in MRI/Ultrasound Prostate Fusion Biopsy and prostate biopsy equipment, has developed KOELIS Trinity®, a fully integrated mobile fusion imaging platform exclusively designed for personalized prostate care.

Uniquely equipped with 3D ultrasound probes and KOELIS® patented Organ-Based Tracking Fusion® technology, KOELIS Trinity® brings maximum accuracy and confidence in delineating and targeting prostate lesions.

Its automatic, sensor-less prostate motion tracking feature makes it not only trustworthy in mapping the prostate despite patient motion, but also easy to use and to maintain.

Available for transrectal and transperineal approaches, in line with the latest international recommendations, Trinity also brings versatile 2D/3D features for everyday urological ultrasound.

Compact all-in-one system made to fit your clinic

Mobile, ultrasound system integrated, and without any extra instrumentation, KOELIS Trinity® effectively incorporates into any clinical practice.

Accurate cartography made by 3D technologies

Clinical accuracy is at the heart of our technology. Our 3D transducers combined with exclusive OBT Fusion® technology detects the slightest patient movement and prostate deformation for an accurate guidance and recording of the procedure.

Intuitive interface made to focus on the essentials

KOELIS Trinity® innovative and intuitive interface elevates fusion biopsy to new levels of productivity by making exams faster and reliable.

All outcomes gathered in a all-in-one 3D Cartography

KOELIS®, the prostate care company, based on the value of 3D imaging and unique patient-tailored cartography, proposes new concepts and guidelines in prostate care management.

Trusted by Experts for clinical Excellence

Over 150,000 Easily integrated in routine clinical practice, KOELIS Trinity® supports both transrectal and transperineal sampling approaches even under local anesthesia.




Scientific Publications



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