Organ-Based Tracking Fusion® Technology

What makes the KOELIS® solution unique

What is The OBT Fusion® Technology?


OBT Fusion® (Organ Based Tracking Fusion) is what makes the KOELIS® solution unique. Performed automatically during each biopsy, it identifies and compensates for patient movements and prostate deformations to record each core location with millimetric accuracy. In short, unlike other technologies that track the movement of the ultrasound probe, OBT Fusion® tracks the movement of the prostate itself.


How does it work?


Why switch to OBT Fusion®?

Appreciate the simplicity


The ultrasound probe is the only hardware required. By eliminating the need for electromagnetic sensors and for a stepper, the procedure is easier and faster to set up and perform.

You biopsy, we fuse


Fusion is automatic and continuous. You do not need to readjust the fusion during the procedure, leaving your hands free for the patient.

Continuous accuracy


Each biopsy is individually recorded, ensuring the same level of accuracy from the first sample to the last in the procedure.

Exclusive and patented


The reason that urologists choose us.

Users Testimonials

Dr Abreu,

USC Norris Cancer Center, USA

” The organ and needle tracking system is unique. It provides tracking the reality of the prostate and the needle, therefore showing the actual trajectory of the needle targeting.

Also, the free-hands capability provides all possible degrees of freedom which is important for targeting any location in the prostate: anterior targets, extreme apex, extreme base, SV, lateral, medial, etc…”

Dr Gorin,

UPMC Western Maryland, USA

“After acquiring an initial 3D ultrasound of the prostate, a reference volume of the gland is created. This 3D representation of the prostate can then be fused to segmented MRI images.

Once fused, the locations of any MRI-visible lesions can be transferred to the 3D reference volume. With each pass of the biopsy needle, an updated 3D ultrasound is obtained and automatically fused back to the reference volume.

By doing this, the precise location of each biopsy core can be visualized along with the locations of MRI targets. The real time fusion of each 3D ultrasound acquisition with the reference volume eliminates registration errors introduced by movement of the prostate. This process is known as Organ Based Tracking (OBT) and is key to the unparalleled accuracy afforded by KOELIS Trinity®.”