About KOELIS®: Health innovation as a passion

KOELIS® has assisted urologists and radiologists from around the world in their routine clinical practice since 2006, providing the latest technology for personalized prostate cancer planning and management, from fusion biopsy to active surveillance and prostate treatment.

Focused on developing advanced, targeted and less invasive solutions, KOELIS® is committed to creating and bringing to the market a new paradigm in prostate cancer care, where physicians can offer the most personalized answers to their patients, avoiding any under or overtreatment and preserving quality of life. Thanks to cutting-edge imaging tools like KOELIS Trinity® prostate fusion biopsy system, which combines multiple imaging modalities with full 3D ultrasound and Organ-Based Tracking Fusion®, any suspicious lesion is characterized in a detailed 3D prostate map, offering a comprehensive and multiparametric approach and enhancing diagnostic confidence.

The team at KOELIS® innovates every day in collaboration with world-renowned universities and hospitals to offer physicians new advancements in imaging and a greater field of view, a must-have in active surveillance and targeted treatment. Based in Grenoble, Princeton (New Jersey) and Hong-Kong, KOELIS® technology has been featured in more than 70 clinical publications and treats more than 300,000 patients worldwide, including patients in Europe, United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, South America and the Middle East.









Our vision

KOELIS® strives for becoming physicians’ key partner in prostate cancer management through the most personalized, targeted and economy-driven solutions and less-invasive interventional approaches, that would preserve patients’ quality of life.

Our vision is to make KOELIS® prostate cartography a new standard of care in all prostate cancer patients.

Our mission

KOELIS® mission is to provide clinicians with quality control at every step of the prostate cancer management and to streamline workflow by providing a patient-tailored, high-detailed, updatable prostate cartography that is stored and shared for promoting multidisciplinary shared decisions. Based on the value of 3D imaging, organ-based tracking fusion® and mapping, KOELIS® helps urologists and radiologists to gain confidence and precision in diagnosis and active surveillance as well as planning and performing guided targeted treatments.

Our Values


KOELIS® team works every day in collaboration with world-renowned universities, hospitals and physicians to reach beyond boundaries to increase efficiency of detection, targeting and prostate cancer’s staging, in order to offer the most personalized and efficient solution to every patient.


Featured in more than 60 publications worldwide, KOELIS®’s excellence is based on achieving high performance and delivering the highest standards in prostate care management.

Passion and commitment

We are proactive, we are open to ideas, we accept challenges. KOELIS® is committed to prostate health. We continuously strengthen our expertise to passionately serve physicians all over the globe.

Our latest awards

Bref Eco Award for the MIRAS project

Last November 2018, KOELIS® received the Lab Meeting Prize for the MIRAS project, launched by Minalogic, the global innovation cluster for digital technologies in Auvergne-Rhone Alpes. The 13th Edition of the Bref Eco contest awarded 7 innovative projects among more than 70 that were presented. The MIRAS (Multi-Image & Robot Assisted Surgery) project is based on a single platform that allows for new minimally invasive methods of prostate biopsy leading to safer and more precise diagnosis and focal treatment of prostate cancer.

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Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Providers 2018

Our work and engagement led us to be in the top 10 Medical Imaging Solution providers 2018 of HealthcareTech magazine. KOELIS® and another 9 companies were chosen because all impact the current medical imaging industry offering better solutions. “We revolutionized the image fusion technology by introducing the concept of targeted biopsy and treatment of prostate cancer that focuses on the importance of precision and personalization for each individual patient”– Antoine Leroy, KOELIS’ CEO

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KOELIS Trinity® certifications