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Exceptional Accuracy and Control
for Transperineal or Transrectal Procedures

KOELIS Trinity® prostate fusion biopsy system combines multiple imaging modalities with full 3D ultrasound and our proprietary Organ-Based Tracking Fusion® (OBT) technology—ensuring you have a comprehensive, multiparametric approach to prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Trinity allows you to easily toggle between transrectal and transperineal MRI/ultrasound fusion guided biopsies with a range of prostate ultrasound equipment that includes a probe holder, specialized probes, grids and needle guides.

Our complete line of prostate ultrasound equipment includes the Steady Pro probe holder that is designed for use with the KOELIS Trinity® 3D MRI/ultrasound fusion biopsy system. This compact, lightweight probe holder minimizes challenges like movement restrictions and patient discomfort. KOELIS also offers a range of single-use and reusable probes, needle guides and grids that facilitate transrectal and transperineal biopsies.

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The Only 3D Prostate Ultrasound Probes With Internal Motorized Array

KOELIS Trinity® 3D imaging is made possible by specially engineered ultrasound probes, equipped with a motorized head that rotates the ultrasound array within the probe’s housing – helping to improve prostate visualization and reduce patient discomfort. This unique technology facilitates a prostate scan in less than 3 seconds, without the need for manual sweep using a stepper stabilizer unit.

For more information on our prostate biopsy probes, needle guides and grids, visit:

Abdominal and Linear Probes

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Wide Abdominal Probe

The KOELIS wide abdominal probe is designed to offer an effective balance of both imaging resolution and depth. The 60° imaging field range and curved design allow for versatility across all abdominal applications.

prostate ultrasound linear probe

High-Frequency Linear Probe

KOELIS' high-frequency linear probe is a maneuverable and compact imaging solution, with its design pairing ease-of-use with detailed images of superficial tissue and small areas. 

prostate ultrasound equipment

KOELIS® Prostate Biopsy Accessories Enable Precise Positioning, Improved Patient Comfort

With its intuitive design and ergonomic shape, Steady Pro can be easily integrated in your clinical workflow, The probe holder attaches to the patient bed, then it can be positioned to reach the desired location. Once the ideal position is attained, lock Steady Pro in position to ensure the biopsy or intervention is successfully performed while minimizing probe movement.


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