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Perform Targeted Prostate Biopsy with Organ-Based Tracking (OBT) Fusion® Technology

KOELIS Trinity® MRI fusion biopsy leverages proprietary Organ-Based Tracking Fusion® (OBT) software. OBT continuously tracks the position of the prostate (not the probe) in real time. KOELIS Trinity®’s 3D ultrasound with OBT recognizes patient movement and pressure caused by the ultrasound probe, and automatically adjusts to maintain fusion and accuracy of targeted biopsy. With OBT Fusion®, you can record each biopsy core location with millimetric accuracy.

Competitive Biopsy Systems Require Manual Image Realignment

Other imaging systems indirectly infer the location of the prostate by tracking the ultrasound probe with electromagnetic or mechanical sensors. These methods assume a fixed distance between the mobile prostate and ultrasound probe and do not account for changes in prostate shape. Even the slightest deformation of the prostate leads to incorrect image registration and needle targeting. As a result, users of competitive technologies must constantly manually re-align ultrasound and MRI images throughout the procedure.

KOELIS Trinity®

Incredibly Accurate Targeted Prostate Biopsy as Precise as 2.3 mm1

In a prospective clinical study, KOELIS Trinity® was found to have a targeting accuracy of 2.3 mm.1 Compared to cognitive targeting of MRI lesions, the KOELIS Trinity® achieved superior accuracy and cancer detection rates. Higher cancer detection rates inform your treatment recommendations and can reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies for your practice and patients.

Advanced Visualization For Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence

KOELIS Trinity® combines the strengths of different imaging modalities so physicians have access to a powerful, all-in-one diagnostic tool with advanced visualization and diagnostics capabilities. The information-rich fused image boasts a much more intelligent workflow leading to more accurate diagnoses, meaning better outcomes for patients and a lower cost of treatment. KOELIS Trinity® supports T2/Diffusion/CT/PET for fast and accurate target definition.


1. Mean precision was 2.3 mm (95% confidence interval: 1.8 mm, 3.3 mm). Positive cores were closer to the center than were negative cores (dCC: 1.7 mm vs 3.1 mm, respectively; P = .025) Precision Matters in MR Imaging-targeted Prostate Biopsies: Evidence from a Prospective Study of Cognitive and Elastic Fusion Registration Transrectal Biopsies


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