Transrectal Biopsy Workflow Transrectal Biopsy Workflow

Transrectal Biopsy Workflow

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KOELIS Trinity® – Intuitive Clinical Workflow for Transrectal Fusion Biopsies

KOELIS Trinity® is an efficient, exceptionally accurate 3D MRI/ultrasound fusion biopsy system that offers a simplified workflow and unique features designed around you and your clinical needs. The system supports both Transrectal and Transperineal procedures, providing distinct advantages at every stage in the prostate biopsy workflow.

Pre-Biopsy Planning with MRI Preparation

1. Efficient Pre-Biopsy Planning with MRI Preparation

Using Koelis' ProMap Lite Application:

  • The prostate is segmented
  • Suspicious lesions are defined
  • Segmented MRIs are transferred to the Koelis Trinity® prostate biopsy platform

Precision 3D Biopsy Scan and Guidance

2. 3D Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound Scan
  • Prostate is scanned using our unique ultrasound technology
  • Motorized sensor rotates the ultrasound array within the probe’s housing
  • 3D prostate scan in recorded in less than 3 seconds

3. Biopsy Guidance

Biopsy Guidance
  • A 3D model of the prostate is generated
  • Segmented MRI is fused to ultrasound images
  • A reference volume of the prostate is displayed with MRI targets

4. 3D Cartography

  • Biopsy of the prostate is performed
  • An updated 3D ultrasound is acquired with each pass of the biopsy needle
  • Location of each biopsy core is transferred to the reference volume
  • KOELIS Trinity® builds a precise 3D map of the biopsy procedure
Biopsy Review
Biopsy Review

5. Post-Biopsy Review, Re-Biopsy and Treatment

  • Post-biopsy, the 3D map can be reviewed on either the KOELIS Trinity® or MRDraw workstation.
  • This map guides subsequent biopsies
  • 3D map aids in future treatments such as prostate ablation

KOELIS supports transrectal prostate biopsy with the KOELIS 3D US end-fire probe. For more information about our prostate biopsy probes, needle guides and grids, visit:


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