Transrectal Probes and Guides Transrectal Probes and Guides

Transrectal Probes and Guides

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KOELIS Probes and Guides for Targeted Transrectal Intervention and Biopsy

KOELIS Trinity® fusion prostate biopsy system with integrated ultrasound provides targeted transrectal intervention and biopsy. Clinicians use KOELIS Trinity® and system accessories in their everyday practice for 3D prostate targeted interventions via transrectal access.

3D End-Fire Transrectal Ultrasound Probe

3D End-Fire Transrectal Ultrasound Probe with Internal Motorized Array

The KOELIS 3D ultrasound end-fire probe enables the urologist to acquire whole-prostate 3D ultrasound volume without moving the probe. This unique technology facilitates a prostate scan in less than 3 seconds, without the need for manual sweep using a stepper stabilizer unit – this helps to improve prostate visualization and reduce patient discomfort during transrectal prostate biopsy.

Model: K3DEC00-2
Application: Prostate
Frequency: 4-9 MHz
Field of view: 146°, convex end-fire
Sweeping angle: 90°
Radius of curvature: 10 mm
Imaging modes: 2D B-mode, Color Doppler mode, Power Doppler mode, 3D B-mode


Needle Guides for Transrectal Biopsy

For transrectal biopsies, our engineers designed easy-to-use plastic guides adapted for use with the KOELIS Trinity® fusion biopsy system.

Disposable Guide

Disposable Needle Guide

This disposable needle guide is designed for use with the KOELIS 3D end-fire endocavity probe. Made from polycarbonate, this is a sterile, single-use instrument. The needle guide has a straight, smooth design to simplify needle insertion and provide patient comfort.


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