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KOELIS – Covid 19

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COVID-19 Measures and continuity at Koelis

As all know, the World is hit by a health and economic pandemia.
Koelis with offices and employees in France, USA, Hong Kong. We have customers, suppliers, partners, counsels, investors, on all continents.

Today we want to express our absolute priority in protecting all of them while ensuring the continuity of our business and service to customers while ensuring our compliance with legal and quality regulations.
We will respect and apply the national measures put in place in France, USA, Hong Kong, on people and economy protection.

Therefore, the following continuity action plan has been decided and already implemented:

Hygiene measures are to be followed at all time and in all places (“Wash your hands”)
Employees are requested to stay and work from home as a default rule. A specific technical infrastructure has been put in place in that regard.
All business trips and seminars are canceled for the time being. Personal trips and gatherings are discouraged.
As a result, and in response to the economic downturn, our activity is slowed down. However, during the crisis time, priority is given to 1) ensure communication and service to all customers 2) prioritize projects to reinforce our products and company in view of the rebound.

In order for you to keep on tracks with us:

Reach out to your usual contact person, who will also do same in return.
Telephone or Visio conferencing is doable and can be planned a couple days in advance.
Our generations are living through times that only elders can appreciate. We will all be changed – let’s try to be better and act different, solidary, to our people and to our planet. We hope and wish to everyone and their family the best of health and wealth. We appreciate the dedication and the tremendous workload that healthcare professionals are giving to save us. To all: thank you.

Kind regards,

Antoine Leroy,
CEO of Koelis.

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