World premieres in targeted treatment strategies

With more than 10 year-experience in developing image-guided surgery solutions, KOELIS takes a step forward in prostate cancer management. Beyond assisting physicians in targeted diagnosis and prostate cancer classification, KOELIS is becoming a valued player in patient selection, targeted treatment planning and guidance. With Trinity®, the fully integrated imaging platform that combines 3D ultrasound and elastic image fusion, KOELIS brings accuracy and quality control to personnalized treatment of prostatic index lesion.

The cutting-edge mapping technology assists planning and guiding of prostate cancer therapy techniques such as HIFU, brachytherapy, IRE, and more recently cryotherapy. Dr Bianco at Coral Gables Hospital in Miami and Dr Hu at Weill Corner in New York have taken advantage of the new breakthrough Perine Full Grid application to pioneer targeted cryotherapy. A probe-steady approach, automatic control of needle path from full-3D ultrasound, guarantees time-efficiency and spatial accuracy in a personalized ambulatory prostate care management.